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SNIP International Seeks Volunteer Treasurer
We are currently looking for a new Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees to help guide and advise us on financial concerns. We are looking for someone who would like to make a difference in the lives stray and feral cats and dogs around the world.
The Treasurer is unpaid and home based, with much of the contact being by e-mail or phone.
For full details click here.
Read the 2019 SNIP International Newsletter

Our 2019 Newsletter with the latest updates of our activities is now available for download by clicking on the link above. On the first pages you will read about some terrible losses within the animal welfare community at the end of 2018. However as you read on, you will see that our year was also filled with joy of achievement in collaboration with our donors, partner organisations and the rescue groups receiving equipment donations from us.

Please note that we are looking for additional volunteers and ask for your help in finding them!

A new Chairman for SNIP International
Dr Kate HorneDr. Kate HORNE, a co-founder of SNIP International has now retired after stepping down at the latest Board Meeting on 19 May 2017. We thank her for her commitment of over twenty years to SNIP International, and especially for her leadership and great energy from December 2006 to May 2017 when she was Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Kate will remain a Member of the Board of Directors, SNIP International being a company limited by guarantee as well as a registered charity.

We wish Kate all the best for her well-deserved retirement, knowing that she will continue working for animal welfare in Normandy, France, where she runs a local cat organisation. ASCA - Association pour la Stérilisation des Chats Andelysiens - focuses on Kate's favourite activity, TNR. The group also finds homes for kittens and tame cats, and enables her to share her knowledge with her community by networking and collaborating with local animal welfare groups. We will be keeping in touch with her!

We are pleased to announce that The Board of Trustees unanimously elected Nigel Mason to become the Chairman of SNIP International, effective immediately.

Nigel is the CEO at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare based in Sussex and over the past ten years he has modernised and developed the charity to a completely new level. Today, Raystede provides excellent care for a myriad variety of animals, including adoptable pets, sanctuary and exotic animals as well as local wildlife. Raystede promotes animal welfare by offering educational material and guidance to the over 250,000 visitors each year.

Nigel Mason, Chair SNIPI Nigel started his professional career as a Royal Engineer in the British Army, after which he moved to the animal welfare sector by joining the RSPCA, then The Blue Cross, and Wood Green Animal Shelters prior to Raystede.

We feel that Nigel, with over 35 years of experience in animal welfare and charities, is the right person to lead SNIP International to the next level with our objective of promoting TNR programmes and helping animals all over the world to live happier and healthier lives.

We wish him the best of success in his new role and are excited about the challenges ahead of us.

The Board of Trustees
SNIP International

Registration for ICAWC 2019 open
ICAWC 2019
EU Dog & Cat Alliance launches interactive map
The EU Dog and Cat Alliance has launched an interactive members map on their web site, which you can find here:

The Alliance now represents 71 organisations from 23 EU member states and is continuing to expand! By clicking on the orange pins on the map you will find the names of member organisations and links to their web sites.

By exploring the map you can learna bit more about the work that each member organisation is doing to improve dog and cat welfare.
EU Dog & Cat Alliance Awards
At the ICAWC in Dubrovnik, the EU Dog and Cat Alliance announced ther winners of its 2016 Awards. Simona Lipstaite, European Policy Advisor, said,

"I am very excited to be able to announce that we presented the first ever Alliance awards to two of our Members - the Award for Alliance Member of the Year 2016 and Award of Merit 2016.

Sara Turetta & Danuta Mikusz-Oslislospacer"The first is given to the Member who has contributed the most to the work of the Alliance throughout the year, including attending meetings, actively providing input into new Alliance material such as briefings, campaigns and research, promoting the Alliance through communications tools in social media, introducing new Alliance initiatives, highlighting Alliance work both in the EU and in their own member state, and has a monetary prize of 1,000 €.

"The second one is for the Alliance member who has displayed consistent dedicated involvement and valuable effort in supporting the work of the Alliance to the best of their abilities, and has a monetary prize of 500 €. The prize money must be spent on companion animal welfare initiatives.

"The winners are:
Alliance Member of the Year 2016: Save the Dogs. The organisation is active in Italy and Romania and is led by Sara Turetta.
Award of Merit 2016: TOZ, Poland, led by Danuta Mikusz-Oslislo."
SNIP International mentioned in new book
Please Take Me Home by Clare CampbellSNIP International - and in particular our former Chairman Dr Kate Horne - is mentioned in an interesting new book. Kate was interviewed by the author about her work with stray cats and some of the history of their welfare.

The book is "Please Take Me Home - the story of the rescue cat" by Clare Campbell. Part of its publicity says

"For a long time, stray cats in Britain were seen as a pest and hunted down as vermin. Having invited this wild, independent creature into our homes, humans did not extend their welcome for long. Millions of cats were abandoned and left to live on the margins of survival.

The few who sought to rescue them were derided as 'mad'. A Princess of Wales was even told to stop helping lost cats in order to avoid a royal scandal; the story was kept a high secret of state for years. It would take over a century for strays to become the nation's beloved pet and internet sensation - the rescue cat."

We'll let you know more about the book when someone has had the time to read it!
EU Dog & Cat Alliance Newsletter
The EU Dog & Cat Alliance have issued their first newsletter. To find out what they are doing, and for a fascinating look at some of the member organisations, just click here.
EU Dog & Cat Alliance update from ICAWC, Dubrovnik, Croatia

EU Dog & Cat Alliance logoThe EU Dog and Cat Alliance held a general meeting at ICAWC in Dubrovnik in October 2016.

The Alliance now has 63 member organisations from 21 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the UK, also Jersey and Guernsey.

As a result of intensive lobbying the Alliance has been invited to join the European Commission's Animal Health Advisory Committee as experts.

They are also submitting a briefing document on Pet Movement legislation to the EU, MEP's and other interested parties. This legislation covers a number of major problems including puppy smuggling which should concern anyone active in animal welfare (indeed anyone with a pet!). You can read the document and useful background information here.

The Alliance has also been very busy meeting European Commisioners and Euro-MP's, and has had several questions answered in the EU Parliament.

On 23 June the UK voted to leave the EU, but has not yet started the official procedure for leaving. The work of the EU Dog & Cat Alliance will continue as before, as they have strong membership from other EU countries and are still expanding.

However, in the light of the vote, they are now focusing more on building up relationships with non-UK MEPs in order to have as much cross-party and cross-country support as possible. Alliance Members' support is particularly useful to them in helping to establish contacts with MEPs from different countries with whom they have not orevuiously worked.. Priority countries for new MEP contacts: Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Latvia.

The Alliance plans to bring out a newsletter later in the year - a copy will be available here when it is issued.

For more information about the EU Dog and Cat Alliance, click here.

EU Dog & Cat Alliance calls for action on cat & dog welfare
The EU Dog & Cat Alliance (SNIP International is a member) calls for action based on the findings of the recently published Study on the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices.
The study, commissioned by the European Commission, provides much-needed evidence as to why EU legislation on the breeding and trade of dogs and cats is paramount to not only improving companion animal welfare in Europe, but to also safeguarding public health and consumer protection.
For further details, click here
SNIP International 20th Anniversary

SNIP International is now 20 years old - and we had a small party in August 2016 at the DogsTrust office in Islington, London to celebrate. Here are some photos to give you a feel for the event.

And if you would like to read an illustrated report on a few of SNIP International's achievements in those 20 years, and a few of the organisations and animals it has helped, click here.

Just place your mouse on a photo to enlarge it.
Gareth Thomas, who leads the international section at DogsTrust, welcomed the visitors to the DogsTrust office with Kate Horne, then the SNIP International chairman.
Melvyn Driver of MDC Exports Ltd demonstrating his firm's cat carriers and their protective covers.
Linda Brookes, who recently retired from the post of SNIPI applications co-ordinator, receiving her farewell gift - a hand-painted portrait of a free-living cat in France.
A group photo of guests at the party, which includes such animal welfare luminaries as Clarissa Baldwin CBE, Celia Hammond of CHAT, Diana Lord, Dr Jenny Remfry and Maggie Roberts from Cats Protection. A unique gathering of pioneer animal welfarists.
SNIP International is now a member of the EU Dog and Cat Alliance
EU Dog & Cat Alliance logoThe Alliance was launched in 2014. The members are organisations from across the EU which are working to protect dog and cat welfare. They are calling for EU action to build a better Europe for dogs and cats. There are around 61 million owned dogs and 66 million owned cats in the EU.

Despite this there is currently very little EU legislation to protect dog and cat welfare. This means that national standards can vary widely across the EU with welfare issues arising as a result.

The secretariat for the Alliance is provided by the UK charity and founding member, Dogs Trust, with a dedicated European Policy Advisor based in Brussels. The first year has been devoted to meeting and briefing MEPs.

There is no cost involved for SNIPI though we may, on occasion, be asked to help sponsor or fund specific research, events or initiatives, if we wish.  
EU Dog & Cat Alliance and International Rehoming of Dogs and Cats
The EU Dog & Cat Alliance was created in 2014 by organisations from across the EU which are working to improve dog and cat welfare. It calls for EU action to build a better Europe for dogs an d cats.

The Alliance believes that international rehoming of dogs and cats should not be carried out as a standard practice. Instead members will work preventatively in the country of origin to minimise the need for rehoming animals abroad, for example through neutering and educational campaigns.

They have now released a document outlining their position, explaining the reasoning behind it, and outlining procedures which rehoming organsations should follow. To read in it Adobe PDF format, click here.

EU Pet Advertising Advisory Group (EUPAAG)
The Alliance announced on 5th August 2016 that it is launching a new initiative.

Alliance member Blue Cross is working to establish a Working Group under the EU Dog & Cat Alliance entitled the EU Pet Advertising Advisory Group (EUPAAG). This group will support Alliance members who wish to create a Pet Advertising Advisory Group in their own individual Member States.

The online advertising of pets has become an increasing way of acquiring a pet animal across the EU. This modern development carries with it many risks to animal welfare and to the new owners. Members of the EU Dog & Cat Alliance in the UK and Ireland are leading members of national initiatives in their respective countries called Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG). These voluntary groups bring together animal welfare charities, online advertisers and trade associations to agree on best practices and to promote responsible online pet advertising. PAAG has been a highly successful initiative in the UK and Ireland, and we believe that extending it to other EU countries is a valuable and timely next step.

SNIP International Newsletters for 2015
You can download a copy of our latest newsletter by using the link below - if the newsletter doesn't open, you probably need to download and install Acrobat® Reader® software.
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SNIP International November 2015 Newsletter - click here to download

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