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Here are links to some web sites which we hope you will find interesting and perhaps useful.
Dogs Trust Logo The Dogs Trust now has a new template available to help anyone who wants to run a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programme for dogs. The template, which is available for free download, can be found here.

The web site is packed with useful information of all kinds for those invoilved with dogs and their care.
Cats Protection Cats Protection is the UK's leading feline welfare charity.

They provide an array of cat care information via publications, website and Helpline; promote the benefits of neutering and seek to educate people of all ages about cats and their care.

To visit their web site, click on their logo..
EU Dog and Cat Alliance Logo The EU Dog & Cat Alliance was created in 2014. Its members are organisations from across the EU which are working to protect dog and cat welfare. Together they are calling for EU action to build a better Europe for dogs and cats. SNIP International is a member of the Alliance.

For more information click on their logo.
Cat Action Trust

Cat Action Trust 1977 is a small national charity dedicated to the welfare of feral cats.

To visit their web site click on the logo

Click here to visit the Animals Worldwide Web Site ANIMALS WORLDWIDE - Tourism & Animal Welfare
Helping animals around the globe. Animals Worldwide aims to help many of the small, under-funded animal shelters and rehoming centres around the world. It supports such initiatives as 'Trap-Neuter-Release' schemes, educational programmes promoting animal respect and welfare, and works with the tourist industry to promote animal-welfare-friendly tourism.
AW provides a point of contact for returning travellers to voice their concerns regarding instances of cruelty and neglect, particularly in tourist resorts.
To visit their site, click on their logo.
fabcats - International Cat Care was founded as the Feline Advisory Bureau in 1958. It's a one-stop shop for information and advice about cats.

To visit it, click the logo or click here. 1
Click here to visit the WVS web site Worldwide Veterinary Service supplies veterinary resources to animal charities and non-profit organisations around the world. Their projects involve teams of WVS volunteers who help their associated charities around the world. Their teams comprise both veterinary and non-veterinary volunteers who want to work in animal welfare.
To visit their site, click on their logo.
Click here for the IAR Site International Animal Rescue is a hands-on animal rescue and rehabilitation organisation that was founded in 1988.
The charity's head office is in Uckfield, East Sussex, in the UK and they have rescue centres in Goa, Tamil Nadu and Agra in India, as well as in Malta.
To visit their site, click on their logo.
Click here to visit the WAN web site

World Animal Net is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with consultative status at the UN.
Working to improve the status and welfare of animals with over 3,000 affiliates in more than 100 countries.
To visit their site, click on their logo.

World Animal Day 4-10-07 - click here to visit the web site
World Animal Day is on October 4th every year. To find out more about what you can do to make a difference on World Animal Day, visit the web site at today.
PetPlan Charitable Trust

Whenever pet owners take out or renew a policy with Petplan, they are given the option of making a small annual donation to the Petplan Charitable Trust to promote the health and welfare of animals.
To date, through the generosity of their donors, the Trust has given over £10 million in grants.

click here to visit their web site In Italy, Lega Pro Animale neuters dogs and cats and
returns them to the streets with the backing of local authorities. It also trains veterinary staff from other countries on courses organised in Southern Italy.

To visit their web site (which includes pages in English) click on the logo.
Click here to visit their web site Spreading the word by running low cost conferences in countries where there is a need for information.
Leaving practical projects operating in those countries after the conference is over.
Sharing good practice from around the world.
London Cat Care and Control Consortium - (C4), UK Several animal charities are working together to pool resources and attract large funding.
Concentrating on providing a free service to feeders and owners in recognition that in the UK this is the only way to combat the problem of over-population.
Click here to visit their web site Shows how to spread a network of neutering operations across a country as big as the USA.
Les amis des chats

"Les amis des chats", founded in 2000 in a village in SW France, promotes neutering, and runs TNR programmes in local villages. It has helped thousands of cats over the years.

Kate Horne, SNIP INternational's chairman, has said of them that "LADC's understanding of the regulations and mores applying to such work in France has made it an inspiring model across the country."


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