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Stray in Barcelona Did you know that one unspayed female cat - like this pretty one photographed living wild in Barcelona - and her offspring can produce over 10,000 kittens in just 6 years? It may sound unlikely, but it's true.

That's why we aim to relieve the suffering of stray and feral animals in communities outside the United Kingdom, and why we do it by focussing on neutering programmes. These help to keep the numbers of stray cats down, and help the strays and ferals to live longer, healthier and happier lives.
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SNIP International provides advice and specialist equipment for the humane management of stray and feral cats and dogs outside the UK

It is the only UK-based animal welfare organisation specifically dedicated to promoting the neutering of stray and feral cats and dogs on a worldwide basis.

All over the world there are colonies of free-living (stray or feral) cats and dogs, breeding to the limits of available food and shelter. In tourist areas the numbers of animals grow faster, due to the additional supplies of food provided by well-meaning visitors.

Then the tourists go home and the animals become vulnerable to starvation, disease, suffering and death. Local authorities and individuals may try to reduce the numbers by poisoning.

But there is a better way. Cats can be trapped and dogs caught by volunteers or municipal employees, then checked over, vaccinated and neutered by veterinarians. The animals are identified so they are not taken a second time.

Young animals and tame adults can be adopted into good homes. Healthy adults, too wild to be adopted, can be returned to their familiar habitat under the longterm care of volunteers. The emphasis is on sustainable programmes.

The word is spreading. Animal welfare groups focused on neutering programmes are springing up in many countries.

SNIP International supports these initiatives by:
  • building links with animal welfare groups overseas which need advice and encouragement;
  • donating specialist equipment for use in trap-neuter-return programmes for stray and feral cats, and comparable programmes for dogs, and giving advice on its use. Distribution is via the International Companion Animal Welfare Conferences, training programmes in the UK and overseas, and delivery to UK and overseas addresses,
  • dealing with enquiries from animal welfare groups, local residents and visitors all over the world.
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