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This page will keep you up to date with an important part of SNIP International's work, donating equipment to small overseas organisations, often in poorer countries, so as to help them improve the welfare of their local cats and dogs.

Something as inexpensive as a trap or even some dog leads can make a lot of difference to a small organisation struggling to raise funds from a population who don't yet understand how everyone gains when the local animals are fit and healthy.
Countries to which SNIP International has made donations
Countries in yellow are those where SNIP International has assisted an organisation or individual working there with stray animals.

To see which countries in and around Europe, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea have received donations from SNIP International, click on that part of the map below, and a map of the area will open in a new tab.
Map of countries to which SNIP International has made donations Click here for an enlarged map of the European, Mediterranean and Black Sea countries that have received donations
The organisations and individuals who have received donations are listed below by country of operations - we have tried to make sure the list is up-to-date, but inevitably there will occasionally be errors and omissions
Armenia Eurasia Charity Public Organisation - Yerevan  
Austria Animal Spirit - Laaben  
Belarus Public Organisation for the Protection of Animals, “Ratavanne” - Minsk  
Borneo International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals - UK-based,works in Borneo  
Bosnia & Herzegovina Banja Luka City Dog Shelter - Banja Luka  
Stichting Dierenopvang Bosnie - Netherlands based group which operates in Tuzla;  
  Agriculture School - Banja Luka  
  ARKA - Brcko Distrikt  
Botswana   Crush cage donated by SNIP Internaqtional in use in Brazil
Brazil Animalviva! - Bahia District
Bulgaria Society for Protection of Animals
  AFA – Bulgaria Foundation - Sofia
  Anglo Bulgarian Association for the Protection of Dogs
  Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation
Cape Verde Islands  
Channel Islands Jersey SPCA
Costa Rica ANPA - San Jose
Croatia “Noina Arka” and “Suza” - Gorican
  SPAS Animal Shelter
  City of Zagreb Department of Agriculture & Forestry - Zagreb
  City Shelter for Abandoned Animals - Zagreb
  Animal Friends Croatia - Zagreb
Cyprus Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare - Pafos
Czech Republic Veterinární kliniky pro psy a kocky - Brno
Egypt SPARE (Society for Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt) - Cairo
Eire P.A.W.S. (Paxos Animal Welfare Society) - Tipperary  
  Daisy Fund – Tralee, Co Kerry  
Finland Vaasanseudun eldainsuojeulyhdistys  
France B & B pour chats - Avignon  
  Defense et Protection des Animaux - Imphy  
  Alliance pour le Respect et la Protection des Animaux (A.R.P.A.) - Nice  
  SDA ( Société de défense des animaux ) - Nice  
  Les Amis Des Chats - Roquecor, SW France  
  SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux) du Pays de Saint Malo - Saint Suliac
Greece Cretan Cat-a-List - Crete  
  Nine Lives Greece - Athens Blind Kittens in a cage SNIP International donated
  PlakaKats - Crete
  VOCAL (Voice of the Cats Alliance) - Crete
  Cretan Animal Welfare Group – Malia, Crete
  Friends of Animals - Rethymno, Crete
  Caring for the Animals - Athens
  GAWF (Greek Animal Welfare Fund) - Athens
  Volunteers of the Park Cats of Athens - Athens
  Hydra Ark – Hydra Island  
  Himaira, The Animal Welfare Association - Leros  
  ARGOS - Thessaloniki  
  Stray Animals Care Love Organisation - Thessaloniki  
  CARAT - Thessaloniki  
  Katia Tsalapata - Volos  
Hong Kong    
Hungary FAMKAT (Alapitvány a Macskákért) - Budapest  
  Rex Kutyaotthon Alapitua’ny - Budapest  
  White Cross Animal Protection Society - Budapest  
  Nagymaros (Hungary) Animal Welfare - Nagymaros  
  Mate Animal Protection and Welfare Foundation - Nagymaros  
  Tappancs Állatvédõ Alapítvány - Szeged  
  Pesthidegkuti & Allatorvosi Rendelo Vet Clinics - Budapest  
  Dr K Rezso  
India People for Animals Trust - Haryana  
Israel Cat Welfare Society - Even-Yehuda  
  Herzelia Loves Animals - Herzelia  
  Rishon Loves Animals - Beer Yakov  
  Spay Israel - Ramat Hasharon  
  Beer Sheva Animal Lovers - Beer Sheva  
Italy Lega Pro Animale - Castel Volturno  
  Save the Dogs and Other Animals - Milano
Donated equipment in use in Italy
  U.D.A. (Ufficio Tutela e Benessere degli Animali) - Rome
  Refugio del Cane - Verbania
  Catsnip - Sicily
Japan Dr Sugimora - Kansai
  ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai) - Osaka
  Heart – Japan - Tokushima
  Chiyoda Nyan To Naru Kai - Tokyo
  Tokyo Ark - Tokyo
Kenya Lamu Animal Welfare Clinic - Lamu  
Latvia SIA “Dzivnieku Draugs” - Riga  
  LKF Animal Protection Group - Riga  
Lebanon Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals BETA  
  Animals Lebanon - Beirut  
Lithuania Animal Shelter of Alytus City – Alytus Trapping in Lithuania
  Lithuanian Society for the Protection of Animals - Kaunas
  Gyvuny Globeju Asociacija (Animal Welfare Association) - Kaunas
  Animal Shelter of Klaipida City
  Eva Silva (individual)
  Lese - Vilnius
  Pifas - Vilnius
Malaysia UPA Malaysia
Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals - Floriana
  Gozo SPCA - Gozo  
  International Animal Rescue - Hanrum  
  Animalta - Lahr, Germany (Rescue of animals from Malta to Germany for rehoming)  
  SASG - Stray Animals Support Group - St. Paul's Bay  
Mexico Planned Pethood - Merida, Yucatán  
Montenegro Society for the Protection of Animals (SPAP) - Podgorica  
Netherlands Dierenopvangcentrum - Amsterdam  
  I.C.M.A.A. {International Crisis Management for Animal Aid) - Based in the Netherlands responding to crises worldwide  
  Stichting Dierenhulp Orfa - Zoetermeer (Working with animals in Romania)  
State of Palestine    
Peru Grupo Caridad - Lima  
Poland Animal Welfare Association of Chojnice - Chojnice  
  Mrunio Foundation - Klodzko  
  Martyna Kozlowska (individual)  
  Schronisko Dla Zwierzat Shelter - Bydgoszuz  
  Zwierzecy Telefon Zaufania - Szczecin  
  Animal Defenders Association "ARKA" - Stowarzyszenie Obronców Zwierzat Arka - Grodzisk Mazowiecki  
  Scronisko W Krzesimowie - Animal Shelter - Lublin  
  Towarzystwa Ochrony Zwierzat "Animals" - Bialogard  
  Towarzysto Opieki n.Zwierzetami w Polsce - Animal Welfare Society - Poland - Zabrze  
Portugal Animais de Rua (Neutering and Protection of Homeless Animals) - Porto  
  Canil Municipal de Sinma - Sinma  
Romania Animed Arad - Arad Animed Arad using a crush cage donated by SNIP International
  SOS Dogs Oradea - Bihor
  The Nature – A Heritage for the Future - Bucharest
  SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) - Bucharest
  Vier Pfoten (Based in Austria and working in Bucharest, Romania)
  GIA – Greek Initiative for Animals - Bucharest
  A.P.A.R. (Alliance for the protection of animals – Romania) - Bucharest
  ROLDA  Foundation - Galati
  Romania Animal Rescue - Galati
  Help Labus (Ajutati-l pe Labus) - Galati
  Pro Animals TG – Jiu  
  Asociatia Gaia Animali Auibiente (group based in Italy working in Romania)  
  NUCA – Association for Animal Protection  
  Animal Life - Sobiu  
  FPCC Romania  
  Daisy Hope Foundation  
  SHKD Bergambacht (Netherlands based organisation that works in Romania)  
  Elsik Azizian (working in Romania)  
  Hope for Animals, Craiova  
Russia Sobakikoshki (Council of Homeless Animals Supporters) - Moscow  
  Foundation for the Support of Homeless Animals Protection - Moscow Equipment donated by SNIP International in use in Sierra Leone
  Charitino Shelter - Murmansk
  Murmansk Society for the Protection of Animals
  Preservation of Animal Life and Nature - St. Petersburg
  Prujt - Murmansk
Serbia Animal Welfare Organisation Forma - Kragujevac
Drustuc Za Zastitu Zivojinje Djurdjeuc
  Ljubimci Society for the Protections of Animals - Pancevo
  Society for the Protection of Animals – Pancevo/Ljubimci
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society - Freetown
Slovakia UVP (Union of Mutual Help for People & Animals) - Kosice  
  ZVERLAND Veterinary Clinic - Bratislava (working with Macky SOS)  
Slovenia Drustvo za Pomoc Zivaum Ustiski Slovenia - Celji  
  Macjelovka - Ljubljana  
  Za Zivali Org - Ljubljana  
  Animal Protection Society Jesenice - Kranj  
  Vanda Knez - Working in Ljubljana  
  Society for the Protection of Animals – Ljubljana  
  Mačja Hiša (Slovenian Society for the Protection of Animals in Need) - Celje  
  Shelter Horjuc - Horjul  
  LAJKA (Organisation for protecting and helping animals in need)  
South Africa SPCA - Cape Town  
Spain Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust - Calpe  
  Mamacat Trust - Cambrils  
  APASA (Associacion para la Proteccion do los Animales San Francisco de Asis de Gijon)  
  Amigos de Los Galgos - Madrid SNIP International has donated equipment to The Gambia
  SOS Animals(Spay our Strays) - Malaga
  P.A.D. (Protección de Animales Domesticos) - Malaga
  Catnip - Mojacar
  Costa Animal Society
  Twinkle Trust Animal Aid – Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
Sri Lanka Home and Abroad Animal Welfare - Negombo
  Dogstar Foundation. based in UK. works in Sri Lanka
State of Palestine  
Sweden SOS Animals Sweden - Ljungsbro
Switzerland Suzy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare - supports animal charities
Taiwan Animals Taiwan
Thailand SCAD Bangkok (Registered as: "Homeless and Sick Dogs Funding Association")
The Gambia GambiCats
Turkey Datca Hayvan Sevenleri Dernegi - Datca  
  SED - Istanbul  
  Turkish Animal Protection Society - Istanbul  
  Serendipity - Marmaris  
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus  
Ukraine SPA “SOS” - Kyiv  
United States of America  

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